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New York – Fall 2018

Introducing SUNFLOWER at the Luxury Technology Show

SUNFLOWER is the world’s first autonomous robotic shade that tracks the sun, connecting you to the IoT, and the smart home ecosystem from outdoors. Solar powered with integrated camera for security and image capturing, controlled lighting, speaker system, charging capability, and more.

the sun.

SUNFLOWER autonomously tracks
the sun, collecting optimum solar
energy and shade.


Solar panels provide SUNFLOWER with continuous operation and store additional electric charge in reserve batteries. With SUNFLOWER’s portable nature, you will be able to position your solar panels where you wish, by placing SUNFLOWER in the optimum location for sunlight. SUNFLOWER will become a useful addition to your home, beach, or outdoor activities, providing solar power in a portable and functional product. A USB connection allows charging of mobile devices and other accessories. SUNFLOWER batteries will last more than 72 hours without solar energy. With 5, 6 and 7 spoke options, battery life will be extended, as well as additional charging power.


SUNFLOWER is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, with a processor that connects you to both the IoT and the smart home ecosystem. SUNFLOWER will also come with optional cellular data connectivity, allowing it to become its own Wi-Fi source. You will be able to control SUNFLOWER from inside your home or control some of your in-home devices through SUNFLOWER. With an embedded microphone and speaker system, SUNFLOWER will also have AI integration and voice command features through Bluetooth.


SUNFLOWER is equipped with a multitude of sensors which will provide real time data access through the SmartShade application, for both security, health, and valuable information. Proximity sensors allow SUNFLOWER to detect its surroundings and obstructions. Wind sensors allow SUNFLOWER to close when it recognizes high wind speeds. Weather and air quality sensors provide valuable information.


SUNFLOWER provides security through video or still images. Two integrated cameras extend the possibilities of your home security system. SUNFLOWER will provide consumers with the opportunity to store their data on the cloud or their own server of choice. A multitude of recording options and controls will be available on the SmartShade application. As SUNFLOWER rotates, it has the capability of recording a 360 panoramic view for both security and memorable moments. Consumers will experience the comfort and flexibility of having SUNFLOWER’s security cameras located anywhere they wish. Whether on the beach, or at home, SUNFLOWER will extend the possibility of capturing images and storing them in the most convenient way. SUNFLOWER cameras can be controlled to take photos from a distance, through the SmartShade application. Whether you are traveling or at the office, you will have remote viewing options through SUNFLOWER’s cameras.

speakers & mic.

Integrated speakers allow for AI communication and audio. Through the SmartShade application, you may choose to stream music through your own choice of music providers. Speakers will also open the door for a new way of communicating, from inside the home, to the outside. Enjoy listening to music, an audio book, podcasts or the sounds of nature, in a whole new way. SUNFLOWER will bring audio to the outdoors, while you enjoy the protection of shade, connectivity and solar charging, integrated into one product. SUNFLOWER is also equipped with a microphone, which will be enabled only when prompted.

Optional Features/

SUNFLOWER will come with a table attachment and a beach/grass attachment. Additional solar panel options will be available with an option of 4-8 spokes, increasing both charging and solar power. Several color options for both the exterior and fabric will also be available. A unique weight system ensures the product’s stability and will allow for easy mobility. Other accessories include, drink holder that will cool or heat your beverage. SUNFLOWER will also come with a wind power accessory, and more.